Christian Disciplines

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Christian Disciplines by Oswald Chambers


Building Strong Christian Character through Divine Guidance, Suffering, Peril, Prayer, Loneliness and Patience

Who doesn't need help developing their character when it comes to suffering, peril, prayer, patience, or who doesn't need answers in the areas of loneliness and divine guidance?

Oswald Chambers, author of My Utmost for His Highest calls these disciplines, and helps you understand God's perspective and how to understand the events of our life, and how they are used to mold you more and more into the character of Christ.

As you grow in these personal disciplines, you'll find that your intimacy with Christ grows too, helping you to find a more satisfying and abundant faith life.

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Item Code 9644
ISBN 978-0-929239-64-4
Weight 0.2350
Publisher Tidak
Author Oswald Chambers
Binding Paperback
Pages 224