The Spotlight of Faith

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The Spotlight of Faith


Understanding What It Means to Walk with God

You’re probably familiar with Paul, Peter, Daniel, and David —the Bible keeps them in the spotlight. But the Word of God also shines on lesser-known men and women—people like Barnabas, Andrew, Jochebed, Lydia, Martha, and Thomas. Sometimes these folks are considered “minor characters,” but their lives were important enough for God to include them in Scripture. In The Spotlight of Faith, pastor and Bible teacher Bill Crowder takes twelve of these men and women and puts the drama of their lives center stage. Some will inspire you, some will warn you, and all will prepare you with life lessons for those times when God puts you in the spotlight.

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Item Code HL780
ISBN 9781572931275
Weight 0.2620
Publisher Tidak
Author Bill Crowder
Binding Paperback
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