Prophecy for Today

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Prophecy for Today by J. Dwight Pentecost


God Purpose and Plan for Our Future

This look at biblical prophecy puts the focus on God Himself, the planner and builder of every age. Biblical prophecy validates Scripture’s authority for you and reveals God’s purposes and power. If prophecy is as difficult for you to understand as it is for many people, you’ll learn a lot from Prophecy for Today.

    • -  Explains future events revealed in the Bible
    • -  Outlines God’s purpose and plan for the future
    • -  Prepares you to live life today, keeping tomorrow in view
    • -  Thorough analysis in clearly understood language

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Item Code 9113
ISBN 978-0-929239-11-8
Weight 0.2150
Publisher Tidak
Author J.Dwight Pentecost
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