Woman of Wisdom

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Woman of wisdom by Myrna Alexander


Lessons on Living from the Book of Proverbs

Whether you’re planning an individual or group study of the book of Proverbs, Woman of Wisdom is the place to start.

This in-depth guide by Bible teacher and author Myrna Alexander will help you discover how to make wise choices by applying the timeless principles of Proverbs.

  • - Helps you discover how to make wise choices
  • - Covers every chapter of Proverbs
  • - Shows the way to live life with skill
  • - Designed for small group and individual Bible study


“Proverbs shows us not only the crucial starting place for true wisdom,” explains Myrna Alexander, “but also the outworking of wisdom in everyday life. Why is wisdom so important? It is the way to live life with skill, like an accomplished craftsman who creates something of lasting value.”

Woman of Wisdom is challenging, yet easy to use for daily study, and it features suggestions for leaders, tips for users, and a complete introduction to the wisdom of Proverbs.

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Item Code 9563
ISBN 978-0-929239-56-9
Weight 0.1700
Publisher Tidak
Author Myrna Alexander
Binding Paperback
Pages 144