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JTS - Judges


Journey Through Judges

The book of Judges describes a low point in the history of God’s people. It tells of a time of moral and spiritual anarchy, when everyone ignored God’s life-giving laws and did what they thought was right in their own eyes. It is a story of disobedience and defeat. Yet the book also contains glimpses of the Israelites’ capacity for greatness—when they chose to trust and depend on God. Discover God’s great principles of life, and find out how we can lead powerful, productive lives in a society that is increasingly hostile to our faith.

This devotional series from Our Daily Bread Ministries provides assistance to those who desire to spend time with God in His Word, book by book. The daily insights will help Christians discover the precious, life transforming wisdom of the Bible, inspiring them towards a closer walk with God. Perfect for personal devotions.

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