Manger King

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Manger King - Meditations on Christmas and the Gospel of Hope


Meditations on Christmas and the Gospel of Hope

Manger King celebrates not only the birth of Christ but the entire redemption story—a story that started even before the humble manger scene. In 25 brief readings, John Greco delivers interesting insights from various aspects of the Christmas account as described in Scripture. This fresh look at a familiar story helps readers to truly focus on the impact of the gospel through each of the characters who play a role in the divine plan. This devotional offers a unique perspective to guide hearts to the full understanding of who Jesus Christ is—from the manger to the cross.

  • Includes 25 meditations ideal for reading on days leading up to Christmas
  • Offers a unique perspective on the familiar story of Christ's birth
  • Focuses on the entire redemption story form manger to cross

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ISBN 978-1-62707-355-4
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Binding Paperback
Pages 144