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Journey through John, daily, devotion


Journey Through John

The gospel of John begins with a bold declaration: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God”. It then poetically introduces Jesus Christ as God incarnate—not just God himself, but also the perfect, visible expression of an invisible God whom mankind could see, hear, touch, and relate to. Unsure of your faith? Dig into the gospel of John. Discover who this unique Son of God is and anchor your faith on solid ground.

This devotional series from Our Daily Bread Ministries provides assistance to those who desire to spend time with God in His Word, book by book. The daily insights will help Christians discover the precious, life transforming wisdom of the Bible, inspiring them towards a closer walk with God. Perfect for personal devotions.

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Item Code SL807
ISBN 9781627078221
Weight 0.1890
Publisher Tidak
Author David Cook
Binding Paperback
Pages 113