Seeing the Heart of Christ

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Seeing The Heart of Christ


And a leper came to Jesus . . . (Mark 1:40). The man was desperate. Leprosy had ravaged his body, and isolation had destroyed his self-worth. The one thing he had was a measure of faith that Jesus could make him clean. Surrounding people gave the leper plenty of space as he inched his way to the Healer, and Jesus had compassion on the man—healing his body and spirit with a touch and a few words. The leper was just one of society’s outcasts, deeply hurting people that Jesus loved through His actions. The Gospels give us story after story of Jesus’s dealings with people whose needs were so great their outlook seemed hopeless. But Christ offered them hope and healing, and forgiveness for their wounded souls. Each of the twelve chapters in this book features a Bible story in which Jesus reached out in compassion and offered exactly what an individual needed: caring, acceptance, understanding, love. Seeing the Heart of Christ provides a rich view of our Savior’s kindness, and our great need for Him. In response to His example of compassion and mercy, you can’t help but be motivated to love and care for others.

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Item Code DHD F3352
ISBN 9781627076739
Weight 0.3000
Publisher Tidak
Author Bill Crowder
Binding Paperback
Pages 192